Chris Keeble, DSO, MSc, FCMI
Supernumerary Fellow,
Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

Corporate Ethical Renewal

Sustainability through corporate ethical renewal by enabling leaders to evaluate the integrity of their leadership ethic.

The ‘ethic of leadership’ challenge is to create just social enterprises where people seek their vocation for their fulfilment through ‘meaningful work’, in order to create sustainable enterprises, enduring reputations and service to the social good, and avoiding the threats from moral error.

My praxis offers leaders three reflective approaches to evaluate the ethic of leadership.

  • Strategic ethical thinking for CEOs and their Boards, to create an understanding of the strategic action required maintain the ethical integrity of their corporate responsibilities to the business, people and Society.

  • Leadership ethical evaluations for selected leaders, to create clarity about the action they will take to find the balance between peoples’ flourishing, the maintenance of goodwill and satisfying the complex array of interests, which maintain business sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Ethical leadership seminars at corporate events, for people to understand the personal and corporate ethics that will achieve sustainable performance, encourage communal collaboration, and deliver the societal responsibilities, and so contribute to peoples’ flourishing

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